Alternative protections

Bellow covers, accessories, machine tools in insulated leather  hypalon.

Materials / Sectors

Water-jet cutting, aluminium, metal sheets, stone, marble, tiles, pipes, steel and brass.

Leather bellows

Leather bellows for ceramic industry, profile shapes and machine moulds protections.

GM Lavorazione Pellame: we are specialised in the production of bellows

After more than 20 years of experience, our company represents an important point of reference not just in the area of Modena and Bologna but also in the surrounding areas. We are specialised in the production of different kinds of bellows and machine tools protection devices.

More specifically we produce:

  • leather and rubber bellows for ceramic industry
  • customised welded bellows

 We are also specialised in the production of other technical items for different industrial sectors.

We provide useful services such as:

  • water-jet cutting of different materials
  • sale and rent of industrial equipment

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We are specialised in the production of leather, rubber and SFS bellows for the ceramic industry. We select high quality materials to ensure durable products.


Our company produces PVC/polyester and aramid welded bellows whichare mainly used to protect machine tools and otker industrial equipment.


Our circular bellows are made of PVC or hypalon. They are sewed in order to cover long and very long lines. Contact us for further information!


We are specialised in the production of tailor-made      bellows to best satisfy        our customers’ needs, basing on their specific CAD drawing.

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We are specialised in the production of PVC, aramidhypalon, draska and leather covers and folding covers.


We also provide important services to our customers, such as water-jet cutting for several materials: iron, marble, tiles, steel etc.


Our company deals with the sale and the rent of industrial euipment, like diecutting machinery and wire strippers. Contact us!


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